John Livermore, Tonopah Mining Park Silver Medallion


The Tonopah Historic Mining Park has created a spectacular two ounce silver medallion commemorating the life and achievements of our friend John Livermore (1918-2013.) This medallion is made in two forms: 1) a proof silver piece with proof, reflective flat surfaces and frosted raised surfaces and 2) the same coin with 24kt gold plating of the frosted relief, inclusive of the border. A limited production of 250 coins of each type are being made by the Northwest Territorial Mint in Dayton, Nevada, available about July 4, 2013. Holabird-Kagin is the exclusive dealer.
The Livermore medallion at two ounces is twice the size of the normal silver medallion. It needed to be twice the normal size to reflect John’s larger than life achievements as “father of the modern Nevada gold boom”. As co-discoverer of the Carlin Trend with Alan Coope, he introduced a new generation of mining geologists to the world of microscopic gold deposits. A field geologist at heart, John remained true to his calling his entire life, easily turning down high-level management jobs that put him at a desk.
John‘s accomplishments are known to all western mining geologists and mining engineers. His geologic work leading to the discovery of the Carlin trend and other major gold-bearing linaments led to the discovery and production of more than 100 million ounces of gold.
The medallions are available on a first-come, first serve basis. Each is encapsulated in a clear plastic shell to protect the surfaces.
The Silver proof two ounce piece is $100. The gold plated (relief highlights only) piece is $125. They will be available for direct pickup from the Holabird-Kagin office or from Fred Holabird at one of the geologic or mining meetings. Others are subject to mail reimbursement charges (no handling fee – postage only). A portion of the proceeds go to the Tonopah Historic Mining Park. The medallions will be shipped or held for pickup as soon as they are received, and notification of their arrival will be sent immediately upon receipt.
The Tonopah Historic Mining Park was a favorite project of John’s. It is one of the best mining exhibits in the West, and is a “must-see” in Tonopah.

Please make check payable to Fred Holabird – Livermore Medallion
3555 Airway Dr. #308, Reno, NV 89511. 775-852-8822

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