The Tahoe Wovoka Estate Native Americana Collection

Lake Tahoe is no stranger to gorgeous and lovely custom Sierra Nevada homes. Its shores showcase some of the world’s loveliest lake front property. Tahoe is where houses transcend the function of housing but become sanctuary of art and personal expression. The Wovoka Estate which recently sold for $20.9 million is one of the finest examples of lake front architecture. Every inch of the property was a planned, including the items inside.
The estate was named for Northern Paiute leader and Shaman Wovoka, who caused a nationwide uproar with the United States Government and helped unite nearly all North American Tribes with the introduction of his “Ghost Dance,” a ritual designed to rid the country of the whites.

The Wovoka Estate isn’t just a beautiful home but a work of art. Walking into the home it’s difficult not to be taken off guard by the design and natural flow of the home. The home is a modern spin on a traditional log cabin; it blends stone and wood logs together in design. The house and its surroundings blend into the natural beauty of the environment; its design doesn’t hid nature but rather invites it into the home.

For several years the owners traveled and collected various Native Americana including rugs, beaded work, baskets and other decorative items. Each item placed on display at the Wovoka Estate was placed with a purpose throughout the home, regardless of price.

The collection features gorgeous Navajo rugs including 8 chief’s rugs, beaded baskets showcasing some of the best in Washoe design. There are also other decorative items like oil paintings and rare photographic prints. All pieces were handpicked to be on display in the home represent history, art and culture.


Click Here for the Wovoka Collection being offered for public sale in the 2013 Treasures & Tribes Auction

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